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Indoor Environmental Quality  Innovation in Design

Materials & Resources

Waste Management

1.Size the building appropriately to match the owner's requirements and intended function of the building. This will go a long way to save energy and reduce energy costs.
2.Formulate a construction waste management policy, defining the procedures and goals for the general contractor.
3.Formulate a waste reduction policy for operations and maintenance.
4.Have an on-site composting program to convert landscape waste into mulch

Life Cycle Impacts

Strategies during construction:

1.Formulate a construction purchasing policy. Also monitor to ensure that the policy is working.
2.Specify green materials to reduce environmental impacts, and promote sustainable sources.
3.Specify green interiors to protect indoor environmental quality, and reduce the life cycle impacts.

Strategies during operations:

1.Formulate a post-construction sustainable purchasing policy for ongoing consumables, etc. Also monitor to ensure that the policy is working.
2.Specify green materials. Give preference to rapidly renewable materials, regional materials, salvaged materials, and materials with recycled content.
3.Specify green electronic equipments that comply with ENERGY STAR, EPEAT, or other energy efficient standards.



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